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Eating With Purpose

EPIS is an Eating with Purpose, LLC company created to promote optimal nutrition for good health, happiness, and comfort.

Eating the right amount of nutrients regularly for optimal health should be pleasurable. With EPIS, a time-saving one-step seasoning with all-natural herbs and spices, you are guaranteed to revolutionize your cooking and awaken food and taste buds.


Our Diet & Nutrition Services

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Weight Loss

Most diets are often unsuccessful because they require restricting carb...

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Weight Management

Losing weight is only half the battle. Winning this ongoing fight requires accountability...

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Preventative Care

Nutrition plays a critical role in the prevention of food-related chronic diseases...

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Nutrition Care

With our results-oriented nutrition counseling, health coaching, and purposeful actions...

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Personalized Meal Planning

We are all unique individuals, with specific likes and dislikes. For this...

Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips is a professionally trained chef, dietitian nutritionist and successful entrepreneur whose passion is partnering with individuals on their journey towards developing healthy eating habits and a preferred optimum lifestyle. Emma holds a BA in business administration, an MS in dietetics and nutrition in addition to her various certifications.
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What Our Customers Say

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During a recent training session at my church, Ms. Emma Phillips, CEO of Eating With Purpose opened my eyes to the role that vegetables and a balanced meal play in my overall health. I really enjoyed how she emphasized the simple idea of having a colorful plate at mealtime. Since her session, I have been very mindful about my eating habits and my body has been thanking me ever since. Eating With Purpose is not only a great company, but they accompany you on your journey. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Jeanine M
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The subject of food can be scary especially when you find yourself eating the wrong things. In a recent conversation with Emma, I was able to gain some valuable insight into the correlation between food and the development of chronic diseases that currently run in my family. As a result of a one-on-one consultation, I have made some progress in slowing down the possibility of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Thank you, Emma, for providing me with lifesaving information without judging me for my past ignorance.
Gary B
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